Share your Exotic Plant Photo &
Get help to identify it.
(Take a photo of your plant, note date&time, record its GPS values if available, then make a rough hand sketch of any details in the area of its location.)

Using this application, insert the photo of your exotic plant, stored on your computer, at it's location on the world map. If you do not know its name, others will help identify it. Also draw shapes on the world map to customize your map showing details of its location. Shapes are: circles, ellipses, rectangles, text, paths, and polygons.
After you have added your photo and location details, select 'Add Your Plant Map' button.
Viewers of your map can contact you via your email address for questions or answers about your exotic plant.
Markers showing map locations. Click on a marker to show its photo, map number, and title. Then click photo to preview this plant's map. A red marker indicates help is needed to identify the plant.